Physical Touchtalk Release Date 12 Feb 2018
[DD143] Touchtalk - Eclipse (Original Mix)
[DD143] Touchtalk - Physical (Original Mix)
[DD143] Touchtalk - Shuffle (Original Mix)
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Dear Deer Friends, Vol. 5 Various Artists Release Date 29 Jan 2018
[DDF005] AgainstMe - Medication (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Anakim - Celestial Body (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Andre Salmon, Chris C. - The Broly (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Cedren & Manu-I - Flow (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Chappier - Fabrique (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Chris Ojeda - Symphony Of The Abyss (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Coppola - Gravity (Orchestral Mix)
[DDF005] Daniel Navrotsky - Svami (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Darko De Jan, Ilona Maras - Amygdala (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Denny Loco - Silver (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Emiliano Demarco - Gea (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Gorkiz, Ultravoid - Revival (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Ian Dillon - Lost Paradise (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Indieveed - Centauri (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Kai Si - Not My Business (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Samuel Dezus & VOOR - Argento (Original Mix)
[DDF005] Smokbit - Obscure (Original Mix)
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Ultimate & Ultraviolet Donatello Release Date 18 Dec 2017
[DD141] Donatello - Ultimate (Original Mix)
[DD141] Donatello - Ultraviolet (Original Mix)
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Oasis & Apocrypha Stas Drive, Hypnopod Release Date 04 Dec 2017
Apocrypha (Original Mix)
Oasis (Original Mix)
Planet Eros (Original Mix)
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Coda Rafael Cerato, Gabriel Moraes Release Date 20 Nov 2017
Coda (Original Mix)
Coda (Raumakustik Remix)
Coda (NekliFF Remix)
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Say My Name EP (incl. Rafael Cerato, Kiki remixes) Maximalism Release Date 06 Nov 2017
[DD138] Maximalism - Say My Name (Original Mix)
[DD138] Maximalism - Lost (Original Mix)
[DD138] Maximalism - Lost (Rafael Cerato Remix)
[DD138] Maximalism - Lost (Kiki Remix)
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Knock & 909 (incl. dubspeeka, Petar Dundov, Gabriel Moraes remixes) Zacharias Tiempo Release Date 23 Oct 2017
[DD137] Zacharias Tiempo - Knock (Original Mix)
[DD137] Zacharias Tiempo - 909 (Original Mix)
[DD137] Zacharias Tiempo - Knock (dubspeeka Remix)
[DD137] Zacharias Tiempo - Knock (Petar Dundov Remix)
[DD137] Zacharias Tiempo - Knock (Gabriel Moraes Remix)
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Curve Of The Horizon (incl. Marc DePulse, Quivver remixes) Ilona Maras, Sanja feat. Billie Fountain Release Date 09 Oct 2017
[DD136] Ilona Maras, Sanja feat. Billie Fountain - Curve Of The Horizon (Original Mix)
[DD136] Ilona Maras, Sanja feat. Billie Fountain - Curve Of The Horizon (Marc DePulse Remix)
[DD136] Ilona Maras, Sanja feat. Billie Fountain - Curve Of The Horizon (Quivver Remix)
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Nobody Hillmann & Neufang Release Date 25 Sep 2017
[DD135] Hillmann & Neufang - Delight (Original Mix)
[DD135] Hillmann & Neufang - Nobody (Original Mix)
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Terra Kinree Release Date 18 Sep 2017
[DD134] Kinree - Terra (Original Mix)
[DD134] Kinree - Oxygen (Original Mix)
[DD134] Kinree - Phobos (Original Mix)
[DD134] Kinree - Polaris (Original Mix)
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