Clouds Nick Lawyer
  • Release Date 30 May 2016
  • Catalogue DDW029
[DDW029] Nick Lawyer - Clouds (Original Mix)
[DDW029] Nick Lawyer - Clouds (Deepjack Remix)
[DDW029] Nick Lawyer - Clouds (Zatonsky Remix)
  • Jaques Le Noir Sony Music, Ministry Of Sound, Hot Creations
    Love an original mix!
  • Eli & Fur Defected
    Thanks! Downloading.
    downloaded for shiba san
  • Mark Knight Toolroom
  • paco osuna Mindshake / Plus 8 Records
    Will try thanks ;)
  • Markus Schulz Coldharbour Recordings
    Very nice package.
  • Riva Starr Skint / Get Physical / Defected
    Nice release,
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Downloading for VA
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Nick Koplan Movement / Proton / Assymetric
  • Richie Hawtin Minus
    downloaded for r hawtin
  • Dashdot PopArt
    Downloaded. :)
  • Renato Tanchis Sony Music Italy
    thank you
  • anderson noise PopArt
    Thanks for the music
  • No Hopes Zulu, Toolroom, Monotonik, LouLou Records
    CLOUDS for me! thanks
  • Joseph Capriati Drumcode
    downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
  • Sander Zhukov 89,5 Megapolis FM
    Goooood! Thx
  • Tosel & Hale Spirit Soul Records / King Street Sounds / Sleazy Deep / StayFly Records
    Nice EP!! SUPPORT!
  • Mitch Alexander microCastle
    Deep Jack remix is nice!
  • Jesse Felluss Digital DJ Pool
    Zantonsky remix for me..thanks!
  • Gai Barone Afterglow Records
  • G-Mohris Bedrock. Per-vurt, BlackHole
    great sound coming from this label !
  • Sparkless
    Melancholy pack! Thanks
  • Da Lukas Rebirth, Hysterical/Ego, 303Lovers, Nite Groovers/King Street Sound.
    Cool release, I like it
  • Soney Progressive House Brasil
    Original mix have a beautiful break!
  • Gallery of Music Gallery of Music
    DeepJack !!
  • randys
    Love the relaxed, chill vibe of Zatonsky's Remix
    Original mix... great tune
  • Leigh Stone, 54 House.FM,, Progressive heaven.
    Deep Jack remix stands out, but strong release all around. Supported @ Club uk and kick radio. Thanks.
  • jerry bouthier JBAG, Continental, Kitsuné
    vibey! will def give a chance thx
  • dj neto house
    muito boa as tracks .. nice....
    Zatonsky Remix is my favourite!
  • bruno brych
    Awesome tracks man ! well done
  • Fernando Ferreyra Dreamers
  • Chris Fortier Fade Records
    sounds good
  • David Podhel
    Nice release thanks!!
  • Allya
    "Clouds" is Tech/Progressive House meets Trance. Beautiful track, lush soundscape, competently sung vox.
  • wax:radio
    Nice twist of the Original Mix....
  • Salvatore Logicfusion
    Cool tracks.
  • Kolya Liner
    Nice groove!) Thanks
  • mentalx
    cool, thanks
  • ferry corsten Armada Music / Black Hole
    downloading for Ferry Corsten
  • Anton Tseslik / Kiss Fm KIss FM
    Downloaded for Kiss Fm Ukraine. Check
  • Valer den Bit Poesie Musik / Chilli Mint / Timeless Moment / Alola / Particles
    Great! Will try thx!
  • kanaijuin
    Nice release, thank you for sending!
  • aldrin ONE with Music, Singapore Island Culture Club
    Nice lush prog grooves.
  • Lessovsky Global Underground, Crossfrontier Audio, EIN2, Plastic City
    ZATONSKY REMIX sounds beauty!
  • agiannitopoulos
    I will try it in my radio show!
  • moti brothers
    DeepJack emix For me! Thank you :)
  • Monochronique
    good job by Deep Jack, thanks
  • Ordonez Mother Recordings
    Nice sweet vibe with Zatonsky remix taking it for my radio show
  • vitaltunez
    Fantastic release, the original and Deep Jack's remix are both great!
  • ferris
    Nice release.. thank you...
  • Mixadance Fm Mixadance Fm
    zatonsky remix is great.
  • PhuturePhil Pineapple Digital | Silent Koalas | Ghost Digital | Nuevadeep
    Thanks for sending!
  • CRAM Toolroom / Sleazy Deep / Glasgow Underground / Warner Music
    ZATONSKY Remix is bouncy.
  • mark arbor
    Liking the whole release!
  • mark mac The Sounds Collective / IT RUNS DEEP / Swoon
    Good Original And Top Reworks. Cheers Guys..
  • Deep Active Sound
    Good stuff. Deepjack vers for me. Thanks
  • Mauro B / Flutters
    Fantastic Release full support
  • DJ HouseHead
    I love the vocals in the original mxi! ZatonSKY Remix is nice too but vocals are suppressed a bit.
  • Mr. Pit
  • Melissa Calavera Dear Deer Mafia
    Nice! Thanks
  • Matan Caspi Definitive Recordings, Deeperfect, Sprout, Outta Limits
    nice stuff . thanks.
  • juska
    Great stuff
    Beautiful! Thanks!
  • FUTURPOETS Audio Rehab / CUFF / House Of Hustle / Sleazy G
    Nice release, thanks!
  • MaLesKi Tone Mind Records
    Original for me
  • denis.sender
    Thanks! Original mix is massive
  • Dumming Dum Runemark
  • upercent Sincopat / Moda Black / Snatch!
    Great track! Thx!
  • DP-6
    Downloading! Thanks for the music!
  • Matteo Monero
    really good,thanks
  • Titan Road DTD Records, Grin Recordings, Twisted Fusion, Beatdown Music, Dear Deer.
    Deep Jack's remix is a masterpiece
  • Martin Smith DEEPER SOUNDS
    Good sounding ep. Deep jack mix my fave. Thanks!
  • headdock Objektiv Records, Fugazy Entertainment and EJR Radio Amsterdam
    Like Denis Sender said........the Original is MASSIVE! 10/10
  • John Askew VII
    Thanks - Downloading for Stadium Artists
  • Leon El Ray Disco Cat/Electric Friends Music
    thats great.
  • Fapples Stil Vor Talent, Lou Lou, Monotonik
    cool EP!!
  • Momo Dobrev Phraser Records, Club Plazma, Phobia, DEMO ent.
  • PachangaStorm CUFF
    Support from the Crew !!!
  • pusher.jongamble
    cool release
  • Coers (Armada) (dl AvB) Armada Music
    Cool ones
  • music Electrik Playground
    Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered for EDX, Chicane, PvD, Lumberjack and BCM Radio Shows. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton.
  • Hector De Mar Liquid Grooves, Deep, Drops, Deep Tech Records, Ritmik Music, Aquasound, Wulfpack
    Great melodies here, will give these a try in my deeper sets. Cheers
  • d-phrag Bedrock, Balkan Connection, Mistique, BC2, Mirabilis
    Deep Jack for me
  • Heavens Gate Heavens Gate (SUN&SET)
  • Leandro Dutra aka Lea D
    Pretty cool ep! thanks!
    Nice! Thanks
  • Zatonsky
  • ivan masa EIN2 / SUARA / OVERDIVE MUSIK
    big tracks , original is very cool full support all release
  • dicosta dj
    Not for me this time!
  • Wildcore Music Wildcore Music
  • Evgeny Svalov (4Mal) Russian Cybernetics, FlipCube Records
    Both original version and Deepjack remix for me, thank you!
  • Tempo Giusto Armada Music
    Checking for Tempo Giusto, thanks!
  • FarFromMoscow
    thanks so much!
  • Nick Fiorucci Hi-Bias Records / zipCAST Radio Show
    Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias /
  • Nick Fiorucci Hi-Bias Records / zipCAST Radio Show
    Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias /
  • genuine.newsflash
  • Pablo Prado DI.FM / PLU Records / 7PRODUCCIONES
    Thanks for your promo!
    I will try to include your songs in my live sets and radioshows!
    Add me to @PabloPradoDJ on twitter or check out my playlists on
  • Luba Gaikovich James Warren Promo
    Fine work all round here. Great sinister bass presence on the original and Deep Jack doing fine things on remix duties.
  • Rafa Ristallo Lapsus Music, Natura Viva, Tulipa
    deepjack for me, thanks
  • Week Dear Deer Black
  • Paul Oakenfold PERFECTO RECORDS
    Thanks - Downloading for Stadium Artists
  • Piet van Noord DI.FM | NACHT UND NEBEL
    Great package!
  • dj johnny l
    Amazing Track
  • Mike Saint-Jules FSOE / Black Hole Recordings / Create Music
    Deep Jack Remix for me!
  • eastcafe
    DEEP JACK is awsome, thanks! :)
  • Ed Flow Soultrade Records
    Nice release. thanks for sending
  • marco.celloni
    nice, for me better Deep Jack Rmx
  • MissDeep MissDeep
  • Keine Moniker creamcouture ibizaglobalradio
    Downloaded for Cream Couture
  • djfisco
    Liking the Deep Jack Remix!!
  • Technodreamer Spring Tube
    Nice original and good remix from Deepjack
  • Noraj Cue Happy Camper Records
    there is no prelisten option but in order to download i need to leave feedback :P anyway, thanks for the music!
  • dj val
    I find this a very infectious track!
  • Johan N. Lecander DI.FM
    Nice but not quite for me this time
  • Andrew Benson
  • Diego Fernandez Dear Deer / Prison Entertainment / Basswalk Records
    Great release !!
  • Diego Fernandez Dear Deer / Prison Entertainment / Basswalk Records
    Great release !! ©  Cookies Policy

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