Next up is the debut release on Dear Deer family from a collaboration between dreamAwaken and Kurtz, with a very elusive track, taking you on a dreamy and laid-back trip that is soon broken by a deeper and darker hypnotic groove that will get your feet tapping. Trust me, there's enough low end there to make you spill your drink. Behind the project dreamAwaken, we have a sound that just won't stagnate and that refuses to stick to musical trends and styles, having releases in labels such as Ellum Audio, Open Records, Electronique Uk, Doppelgaenger, just to name a few. The other half of this partnership is the Italian musician, singer, composer, producer and jazz aficionado, Kurtz. With a radical passion for music that won't be satisfied just by conventional 4/4 beats, the man also gets his hands dirty with jazz infused music.
On the remix duty with have two projects that won't need much introduction. The first remix is from the french duo 'Solead', who are known for their very own fusion of different styles, from techno and house to downtempo music. They made their remix into a track of their own, a super edgy and deep track that will take the listener into darker and tribalistic territories.
And last but never least is UK based Robot Needs Oil, who has released with just about every label that really matters. The Robot man, made a delicious deep house take on the remix, keeping it loyal to the original but going beyond with a classy piano melody of his own.
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Dear Deer (c) 2014

AandR by Alex Kaspersky
Mastered by Svatoslav Tvardovsky
Designed by Bravarb

dreamAwaken, Kurtz

Solead, Robot Needs Oil


Catalog# DD023
Release date:
Deep House
Dauerbrenner (Original Mix)
Dauerbrenner (Solead 'Voodoo' Remix)
Dauerbrenner (Robot Needs Oil Remix)