DEAR DEER PRESENTS: MIAMI 2017 Various Artists
  • Release Date 20 Mar 2017
  • Catalogue DD113
[DD113] Alex Kaspersky - Universe of Possibilities (Original Mix)
[DD113] Tvardovsky - Tanya (Original 'In Love' Mix)
[DD113] NekliFF - Acceleration (Original Mix)
[DD113] Analog Context - Lethargy (Original Mix)
[DD113] Athos Araujo - Time and Space (Original Mix)
[DD113] Beltch, KaioBarssalos - In The Morning (Original Mix)
[DD113] Catskill - Barenziah (Original Mix)
[DD113] Chris Ojeda - Fear Of Dark (Original Mix)
[DD113] Coppola - Bucks (Original Mix)
[DD113] Damned Opera - Labyrinth (Original Mix)
[DD113] Demazio - Arpringles (Original Mix)
[DD113] Denny Loco - Crashed (Original Mix)
[DD113] Denny Loco, Giuseppe Polara - Battito Eclettico (Original Mix)
[DD113] Fractal Architect, Dan Baber - Deserters (Original Mix)
[DD113] Kostya Outta, Ivanshee - Citadel (Original Mix)
[DD113] Lancee - Behind the Mind (Original Mix)
[DD113] Lian July - Prometheus (Original Mix)
[DD113] Marsbeing - King's Lyre (Original Mix)
[DD113] Tunnel Vision - Forrest (Original Mix)
[DD113] Vlad Jet feat. Vlad Yaki - Mosaic (Original Mix)
  • fractal architect Armada/Perfecto/Manual/DearDeer
    awesome selection, great to be a part if it
  • Ivan Nikusev OLD SQL Recordings
  • Ivan Nikusev OLD SQL Recordings
  • Matt Darey Nocturnal Global
    Lots of great releases on this! Thanks for the great tracks.
  • Abraham A. Hot Cue, PHW, Lincor,BC2
    Solid pack with great releases! Thanks
  • Abraham A. Hot Cue, PHW, Lincor,BC2
  • Ed Flow Soultrade Records
    Great compilation. thanks for sending
  • Duodisco
  • REPLICANTH SUDAM/ New Violence/ Asymmetric/ We Are Here/ Hábitat
    Cool stuff, will play, thanks!
  • FranzLehmann
    Amazing work here! thanks! ©  Cookies Policy

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