Long time awaiting release by Phil Colors is come.Dope Slanger its a powerful bassline house stuff with fantastic vocal sample big groove and melodic arrange in general. Hailing from Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave located between Poland and Lithuania, Phil Colors began his DJ journey in 2009. A House head from the start, he has been experimenting with the myriad of sounds that fall into this eclectic genre ever since. In 2010 he began playing around with production. His DJing experience fueled his thirst to discover how to create the cool grooves he was playing out, and made him cognizant of the importance of the mix-down. Eventually, producing shifted from a hobby to a passion as he became absorbed with the mission to create unique sounds and perfect his technical production skills. Currently, Phil is focusing his efforts on the groovy sounds of Deep House/Nu-Disco with styles ranging from melodic and soulful to rhythmic and aggressive depending on what is piquing his interests. Phil Colors is constantly searching for the perfect sound so join him as he begins his journey and slices through the underground house scene "like a samurai" also release include 2 original tracks ''Hitch'' and ''Boomerang'' they will find their place on the dancefloor and of course smashing remixes from producers Thee Cool Cats, Anturage and Alexey Union, Anton Ishutin, Monrabeatz and Illusionize, Titan Road and Gabriel Pivaro perfect complement this release.

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Phil Colors

Thee Cool Cats, Anturage, Alexey Union, Anton Ishutin, Monrabeatz, illusionize, Gabriel Pivaro, Titan Road

Dope Slanger

Catalog# DD041
Release date:
Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Dope Slanger (Original Mix)
Boomerang (Original Mix)
Hitch (Original Mix)
Dope Slanger (Thee Cool Cats Remix)
Dope Slanger (Anturage & Alexey Union Remix)
Dope Slanger (Anton Ishutin Remix)
Dope Slanger (Monrabeatz & Illusionize Remix)
Hitch (Titan Road & Gabriel Pivaro Remix)