Happy New Deer 2016 Compact Grey, Dani Hageman, Victoria RAY, Hillmann & Neufang, Boy George, Vanilla Ace, Katerina Themis, Bluford Duck, Anna SchuSchu, Chocolate Avenue, Chris Karpas, Kurtz, Dar & Dor, Jason Bay
  • Release Date 21 Dec 2015
  • Catalogue DDNY2016
Break Down The Walls (Raumakustik Remix)
Let Me Hear You Say (Rene Amesz Rework)
Gypsy Woman (Boy Next Door's Little Girl Remix)
Just Another Guy (Climbers Remix)
Bound (Habischman Remix)
I Want Everything (Rafael Cerato Remix)
Hotter Than You (Jos & Eli Remix)
Amusement (Andre Sobota Remix)
Amsterdam (Original Mix)
LAX (Petros Odin 'Jungle' Remix)
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