Humanity Pedro Mercado & Na Te feat. Aves Volare
  • Release Date 27 Feb 2017
  • Catalogue DD111
[DD111] Pedro Mercado & Na Te feat. Aves Volare - Humanity (Original Mix)
[DD111] Pedro Mercado & Na Te feat. Aves Volare - Humanity (Stefano Richetta Remix)
  • Eelke Kleijn DAYS like NIGHTS
    Cool remix by Stefano. The original is nice as well !
    downloaded for shiba san
  • Jaques Le Noir Sony Music, Ministry Of Sound, Hot Creations
    Love both!
  • Richie Hawtin Minus
    downloaded for r hawtin
  • Dubfire SCI+TEC
    Downloaded for Dubfire, thanks!
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Francesca Lombardo CROSSTOWN REBELS
    downloading thx
  • Oliver Schories SOSO
    will probably use the original for my podcast. thanks for sending!
  • Hassan Rassmy friskyRadio / Nile FM
    Nice EP, will try the remix.
  • Joseph Capriati Drumcode
    downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
  • Sander Zhukov 89,5 Megapolis FM
    Понравились оба! Спасибо
  • Dandi & Ugo Italo Business / Minus
  • anderson noise PopArt
    Thanks for the music
  • Jesse Felluss Digital DJ Pool
    laying low and lovin it :)
  • Darin Epsilon Perspectives Digital, Sudbeat, Global Underground, microCastle, Hope, Parquet, Selador
    Go go go Dear Deer : )
  • tim benjamin protonradio - Sound Avenue
    i will try the remix
  • John Askew VII
    thanks - downloading for stadium artists
  • Luke Garcia Ephemeral
    Super nice vocal!!! Congra guys
  • Arthur Lirity Fancy Room
    great track
  • Chris Fortier Fade Records
    sounds good
    Great release ! loving Stefano Richetta mix ! Thank you.
  • Luciano Scheffer
    Remix for me, tks!!
  • Soney Progressive House Brasil
    Nice remix by Stefano Richetta!
  • Anton Tseslik / Kiss Fm KIss FM
    Downloaded for Kiss Fm Ukraine. Thanks
  • graziano raffa sudbeat | southside
    Very nice remix!
  • d-phrag Bedrock, Balkan Connection, Mistique, BC2, Mirabilis
    The remix for me
  • headdock Objektiv Records, Fugazy Entertainment and EJR Radio Amsterdam
    Downloading for EJR Radio The Netherlands and Sequence Spain
  • Nicolas Tsakos Musique Nicolas Tsakos Musique
    super team !
  • Daniel Green (Troglodyte Disco) Select Radio
    Original is awesome! Will try play on Select Radio
  • Denny Loco Dear Deer / Asymmetric Recordings
    nice groove! Stefano Richetta my favorite.. i like it this atmosphere ...
  • Anthony G
    Good work
  • Timmy [Kiss FM Australia]
  • Sabb Cycles
    Downloading for Max Graham, please check Cycles Radio for support. Thanks!
  • Joel Armstrong Moosefly / Connaisseur Rec / SOSO
    remix is nice
  • Suzy Solar Solar Power Music
    cool track, thanks:)
  • Blake Jarrell Concentrate
  • Gvozdini Replug/Movement/Enhanced/
    Great sound. Thanks
  • Anis Hachemi 303Lovers
    Stefano Richetta! is dope
  • AquAdro Revelation Records
    Both are great!!! Thanks
  • Christopher Ivor Chapter 24 Records, Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Re:Sound Music
    remix does it for me also!
  • Alinep Asia Music/Deepsomnia/Time in Manila and many more
    both tracks are top :)) perfect for the full moon party this weekend ;)
  • Javier Orduna Culprit / Jeudi / Moda Black / Nightcolours
    Nice release, thanks for the music.
  • Pauke Schaumburg Mukke / Ein2 / Pour La Vie / Soulful Techno / Einmusika / Rennbahn Records / Jeahmon!
    Nice release!
  • Soul Button STEYOYOKE
    I like the remix thanks
  • Jose Tabarez
    Stefano's remix for me! Really nice! Thanks
  • mark arbor
    very nice!
  • darko de jan Toolroom, Dear Deer, 303Lovers, Stealth
    Will play it. Thanx
  • Th Moy
    Nice ep!!The original is for me
  • Dumming Dum Runemark
    nice music support!
  • Paul Hazendonk Manual Music
    Very nice remix by Stefano!
  • Ed Flow Soultrade Records
    nice release. thanks for sending
  • adnan jakubovic Bonzai Music, Frisky Radio
    Liking remix more, thanks !
  • adnan jakubovic Bonzai Music, Frisky Radio
    Good stuff !
  • REPLICANTH SUDAM/ New Violence/ Asymmetric/ We Are Here/ Hábitat
    Cool stuff, loving Stefano Remix, thanks!
  • Coers (Armada) (dl AvB) Armada Music
    Cool ones
  • music Electrik Playground
    Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered to Don Diablo, EDX, Chicane, PvD, Kryder and more. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton.
    Sounds very good! Stefano Richetta Remix is for me, thanks!
  • Rob Zile KissFM, Subtec Records, Secret Techno Label
    Great release! Support for both tunes
  • TYNG & KMRN Bunny Tiger Dub
    Like Original!
  • Valer den Bit Poesie Musik / Chilli Mint / Timeless Moment / Alola / Particles
    Both for me! Thanks!
  • TOLKIEN 32 Zero Eleven Music
    download for flexb
  • angeleri german
    Nice Ep, Original is cool, thanks!
  • Tenishia Armada Music
    Downloading For Tenishia. Thanks
  • djceratti
  • Pedro Mercado Parquet, Kling Klong
    Very happy with this EP on Dear Deer and with the great feedbacks so far! :-)
  • Pedro Mercado Parquet, Kling Klong
    Great to feature on this EP with a great team! These words mean a lot to me. Thanks to all involved
  • snorkle
    Brillinat remix! THX!
  • Cheets (Global Dance Session / Quirk Music)
    Downloading for Global Dance Session, thank you R. Holme
  • Hoj USA
    nice! will try. thanks!
  • Bellow
    Thank you!
  • Lucas Rossi Black Hole / The Soundgarden / Frisky
    Cool stuff !
  • Mickey Imperi TheDeepRoom, Beachgrooves 88.9FM Ibiza/Malaga/Marbella
    Thanks for this excellent release. Stefano's Remix for me. Will support in my radio programs
  • guidoelordi
    nice ep !! very cool remix for me!
  • Erdi Irmak
    very nice release, support!
  • Notable Dance Notable Dance
    Cool tracks
  • Digital FM HRT Radio Osijek, Croatia
    Nice EP! Thanks DFM
  • Salvatore Logicfusion
  • faces music
    Stefano Richetta Remix for us, thanks!
  • fabrizio marra APERIPULP
    Nice remix
  • Pablo Prado DI.FM / PLU Records / 7PRODUCCIONES
    Thanks for your promo!
    I will try your songs in my live sets and radioshows!
    Add me on for support!
  • FORM Music popof
    Downloading for Popof thanks ;)
  • Markus Schulz
    Both versions very nice, will support. Thanks.
  • MaLesKi Tone Mind Records
    Stefano is great! Support
  • DAVID HERVe Shuut concept Ibiza - Balearic Affair
  • Abraham A. Hot Cue, PHW, Lincor,BC2
    Original works for me, thanks
  • Snooba Radio Panik -Radio Grenouille-WAx club
    Humanity 's pleasant
  • Li-Polymer Sudbeat / Movement Recordings
    Remix for me, thank's!
  • FUTURPOETS Audio Rehab / CUFF / House Of Hustle / Sleazy G
    Will try, thanks!
  • Release Promo
    both strong, love the remix especially!
  • fractal architect Armada/Perfecto/Manual/DearDeer
    nice ep thanks
  • Digital FM HRT Radio Osijek, Croatia
    Nice EP! Thanks, DFM.
  • RJ Pickens Vested // FloorControl Radio
    this remix is outstanding.
  • Tempo Giusto Armada Music
    Checking for Tempo Giusto, thanks!
  • Rafa Ristallo Lapsus Music, Natura Viva, Tulipa
    Stefano Richetta remix for me, thanks
  • Fernando Ferreyra Dreamers Records
  • Seth Schwarz 3000 Grad / All Day I Dream
    DL for Seth Schwarz, thanks for the music.
  • Matt Darey Nocturnal Global
    Great tracks! Really enjoying the Stefano Richetta Remix!

    keep up the good work.
  • chris ojeda
    Humanity such a flowing track, great renders. Thank You! ©  Cookies Policy

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