Mistic & Doc Nasty Bros, Apex Groove, Teklow
  • Release Date 30 Jun 2017
  • Catalogue DDM044
[DDM044] Nasty Bros & Apex Groove - Mistic (Original Mix)
[DDM044] Nasty Bros & Teklow - Doc (Original Mix)
[DDM044] Nasty Bros - Minuet (Original Mix)
[DDM044] Nasty Bros - Requiem (Original Mix)
  • Amine Edge & DANCE CUFF
    Downloaded for Amine Edge & DANCE
    downloaded for shiba san
    downloaded for shiba san
  • Monrabeatz Prettydirty/Dear Deer/Sleazy Deep/Dance Paradise/Miami Underground
    Great work here, Requiem is the best for me, thanks!
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    Downloading for VA
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Jaques Le Noir Sony Music, Ministry Of Sound, Hot Creations
  • Mark Knight Toolroom
  • No Hopes Zulu, Toolroom, Monotonik, LouLou Records
    nice tracks! thanks
  • ENHE
    for me NASTY BROS - MINUET (ORIGINAL MIX) ,thanks a lot
  • anderson noise PopArt
    Thanks for the music
  • Dandi & Ugo Italo Business / Minus
  • Hassan Rassmy friskyRadio / Nile FM
    Nice, Will try Minuet.
  • Joseph Capriati Drumcode
    downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
  • Jesse Felluss Digital DJ Pool
    Great release
  • Da Funk Acryl Music
    doc here for me. nice!
  • Guy Preston MOS, Armada, Mood Funk, Monoside
    Very nasty indeed - I like it
  • aldrin ONE with Music, Singapore Island Culture Club
    Doc might work for my sets.
  • mentalx
    requiem for me, thanks
  • Larsun Hesh Dear Deer / Click
    great summer sound, thx
  • mark mac The Sounds Collective / IT RUNS DEEP / Swoon
    Cheers folks will check this .
  • Alinep Asia Music/Deepsomnia/Time in Manila and many more
    requiem and minuet are cool
  • darko de jan Toolroom, Dear Deer, 303Lovers, Stealth
    Will use it. Thanx for sending
  • james.monro proton, bedrock, flow
    Downloaded and in full effect...Thnx
  • Coers (Armada) (dl AvB) Armada Music
    Cool ones
  • Cheets (Global Dance Session / Quirk Music) www.globaldancesession.com
    Downloading for Global Dance Session,thanks R.Holme
  • todd [the edm network] the edm network
    cool tracks!
  • Mauro B / Flutters
    Support Requiem , Minuet !!
  • Joel Armstrong Moosefly / Connaisseur Rec / SOSO
    Doc is dooope
  • Padai Traum | Sudbeat | littlemoon
    Downloading thanks!
  • TOLKIEN 32 Zero Eleven Music
    download for flexb
  • Timmy [Kiss FM Australia] kissfm.com.au
  • REPLICANTH SUDAM/ New Violence/ Asymmetric/ We Are Here/ Hábitat
    Cool, Requiem are my fav, Thanks!
  • headdock Objektiv Records, Fugazy Entertainment and EJR Radio Amsterdam
    Downloading for Headdock. Thanks for the music!
  • Neftali Blasko frisky Radio
    Requiem is huge!! support, thanks :)
  • Technodreamer Spring Tube
    Nice club sounds! Thanks
  • Lucas Rossi Black Hole / The Soundgarden / Frisky
  • MaLesKi Tone Mind Records
    Minuet for me
  • Monochronique
    not for me, thanks
  • Treasure Fingers Defected
    thanks, downloading for treasure fingers.
  • mark arbor
    No winner. Like them all!
  • Suzy Solar Solar Power Music
  • Blake Jarrell Concentrate
  • kennb Liquid Rhythms Radio, ASSK Radio
    Very cool! Love the vibe here. Requiem for me. Thanks!
  • Allya
    "Mistic" incorporates some nasty acid elements later on - I dig it! "Doc" has some great percussion and a rich soundscape - also really feeling it. "Minuet" has some great guitar elements. Great overall EP, I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of it!
  • doctrashz
  • Dan McKie 1980 Recordings | Freakin909 | Pioneer DJ Radio | Di.FM | Barcelona City FM | Fish Don't Dance Radioshow
    Minuet is cool.
  • Graham Gold
    Very cool all round-Requiem is the one for me though,.
  • Emiliano Martini Proper Slap/Tulipa/Faceless/I Records/Lapsus
    Good Stuff ! Thanks.
  • Stephan Grondin
    really like this EP. fav is Minuet
  • Pablo Prado DI.FM / PLU Records / 7PRODUCCIONES
    Thanks for your promo!
    I will try your songs in my live sets and radioshows!
    Add me on www.twitter.com/PabloPradoDJ or www.mixcloud.com/pabloprado for support!
  • Christopher Ivor Chapter 24 Records, Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Re:Sound Music
    requiem for me :) thanks!
  • Ed Flow Soultrade Records
    Nice E.P. Thanks for sending
  • FORM Music popof
    downloading for Popof thinks ! ;)
  • Daniel Green (Troglodyte Disco) Select Radio
    Mistic is a cool groove
    Downloading for Permack, thanks
  • pusher.jongamble
    no player to hear this ?
  • Valer den Bit Poesie Musik / Chilli Mint / Timeless Moment / Alola / Particles
  • Digital FM HRT Radio Osijek, Croatia
    Nice music. Thanks DFM
  • Adriana Lucia Cr2, No Definition, King Street, Get Physical, PURA
    Thanks :)
  • Noraj Cue Happy Camper Records
    love Requiem! nice one :)
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