Nasty Girls Nicolau Marinho, Tolkien 32 feat. Thayana Valle
  • Release Date 03 Oct 2016
  • Catalogue DDM031
[DDM031] Nicolau Marinho, ToLkien 32 feat. Thayana Valle - Nasty Girls (Original Mix)
[DDM031] Nicolau Marinho, ToLkien 32 feat. Thayana Valle - Nasty Girls (Dub Mix)
    downloaded for shiba san
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    Will try thanks ;)
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    Good track!
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    Nice EP!
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    downloading for marco carola, thanks
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    downloading for Andre Crom to check. thx for the music!
  • Robert Owens Kitball
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    downloaded for r hawtin
  • Agoria Innervisions
    Downloaded for Agoria,
    Thanks for the music!
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    Not for me
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    Nice Ep
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    will try! thanks
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    not for me thnx
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    cool tracks
  • Sander Zhukov 89,5 Megapolis FM
    Downloaded for megapolis fm
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    nice tech house sounds and unexpected bassline ! thanks
  • Jesse Felluss Digital DJ Pool
  • Gvozdini Replug/Movement/Enhanced/
    very good, thanks
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    Nice ))
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    Great music! Downloading for EJR Radio and Cuebase-FM
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    may work well with certain crowd
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    Nice disco house! Congra
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    nice stuff, thanks!!
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    cool, thanks
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    Will try
  • Larsun Hesh Dear Deer / Click
    hot release, fupport
  • Pablo Prado DI.FM / PLU Records / 7PRODUCCIONES
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    I will try your songs in my live sets and radioshows!
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    Good groove. Will try to use. Thanks for music.
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    Downloaded for Kiss Fm Ukraine.
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    I like! in collection!
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    Will try, thanks!
  • kanaijuin
    Really cool stuff! Thank you for sending!
  • Allya
    Thayana's vocals nicely compliment "Nasty Girls's groove - sultry yet funky vibes on this one.
  • ferris
  • Nick Fiorucci Hi-Bias Records / zipCAST Radio Show
    Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias /
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    sounds good
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    very good basslines but i think has nothing else. Very monoton.
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    Cool track, will give this a spin.
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    Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered to Don Diablo, EDX, Chicane, PvD, Kryder and more. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton.
  • Alinep Asia Music/Deepsomnia/Time in Manila and many more
    dub for me!
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    Thanks - Supported @ Kickradio
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    Original is cool
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  • ed
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    THanks for the music! ;)
    Dub Mix is for me, thanks!
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    like the dub, great groove
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    Diggin' the deep dubby groove!! Thanks!
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    Downloaded by Cream Couture
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    Will try the dub mix.
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    Cosmic Gate vs. Robert Miles feat. JES - Children Flying Blind (VoiceMan Mashup)
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    Thanks - Downloading for Stadium Artists
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    will download and check out, nice stripped down groove, thanks
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  • pusher.jongamble
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    Downloading dub! Thanks
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    nice one, dl'ing!
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    thx , downloading for sis
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    Great ep
    will try on my radio show!
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    sounds cool!
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    Nice Music! Thanks DFM
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    Will play, thanks for the music !!
  • Amber D D-Day Recordings, D'Amour Recordings, Transportal Digital
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  • Stephan Grondin
    really nice! will def play
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