The pack of remixes of the famous Quasar, composed by 2 incredible works, one by Marten Sundberg that has made a deep mental techno precise and direct reinterpretation of the dance floor. With a melody that will delight everyone who hears it. The other remix comes from the hand of the magnific Boronas, a reputed producer and in this case, has made a remix percussion with the clear intention to make the listener dance to a magical state of excitement for the music.

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Luke Garcia, UOIO

incl. Marten Sundberg, Boronas remixes

Quasar (Remixes)

Catalog# DD122
Release date:
Tech House, Progressive House
[DD122] Luke Garcia & UOIO - Quasar (Marten Sundberg Remix)
[DD122] Luke Garcia & UOIO - Quasar (Boronas 'Think Twice' Remix)
Anthony G