Raised by wolves in the wilds of Scotland, brought up on a diet of disco and Motown from an early age, Jonas Woolf is a DJ/producer looking to take a huge bite out of 2015.

Deer Dear is proud to present his debut EP, a long player that see's him sampling tracks better known as hip hop smashes, wrapped around housed up infectious Summer beats,
layered with preacher vocals.

"Remember" is a funk fueled house affair, lush organs, funky guitars and live sounding drum patterns all work perfectly together to make this a sure fire Spring smash!

"Drop The Beats" is a more laid back affair, live crowd noises, a call to arms vocal, warm strings and more live drums, come together to give the track an older feel,
while still sounding modern and relevant in today's scene.

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Jonas Woolf


Catalog# DD040
Release date:
Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Remember (Original Mix)
Drop the Beats (Original Mix)
Remember (Dub Mix)
Drop the Beats (Dub Mix)
Jesse Felluss
Digital DJ Pool
groovy! :)
Diego Fernandez
Dear Deer / Prison Entertainment / Basswalk Records
Great for me! Thanks for the music!
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