Trockensaft - Sailors (Original Mix)

‘Sailors’ begins our travel with Trockensaft on his EP for Dear Deer. A journey listeners have grown accustomed to through his several releases on prominent labels, as well as his own, KDB Records. The producer comes with his extreme talent by entrancing us using slow progressions through ambient padding and powerful melodies.

Trockensaft - Sailors (Luke Garcia & UOIO Remix)

This tribal tech house take on Trockensaft’s Sailors is guaranteed to get the dance floor jiving and bouncing through percussionary ambience and chemistry. Each melodic element phases together, creating an environment filled with theoretically balanced melodies and harmonies every listener will appreciate.

Trockensaft - Sailors (Luigi Gori & Larsen Hesh Remix)

Luigi Gori & Larsen Hesh take us into the progressive atmospheres for their take on Trockensaft’s Sailors. Driving rhythms and percussions allow the user to float gently along while the conductors lay the groundwork of the journey ahead.

Trockensaft - Ursa Minor (Original Mix)

The quiet and the storm summarizes this epic release by KDB Head Trockensaft for Dear Deer. Cloaked in mystifying pads and atmospheres, the journey presented by Sir Trockensaft, allows the listener to travel along the paths put before them, without knowing where the ending will take them. In order to experience Ursa Minor, just sit back, and let the conductor guide you through the unknown.into the void.into Dear Deer.

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incl. Luigi Gori & Larsun Hesh, Like Garcia & UOIO remixes

Sailors & Ursa Minor

Catalog# DD125
Release date:
Tech House, Progressive House
[DD125] TrockenSaft - Sailors (Original Mix)
[DD125] TrockenSaft - Ursa Minor (Original Mix)
[DD125] TrockenSaft - Sailors (Luigi Gori & Larsun Hesh Remix)
[DD125] TrockenSaft - Sailors (Luke Garcia & UOIO Remix)