Time Of Glory Bablak, Votangi
  • Release Date 28 Apr 2017
  • Catalogue DDW040
[DDW040] Bablak, Votangi - Time Of Glory (Original Mix)
[DDW040] Bablak - Dusky (Original Mix)
[DDW040] Bablak - Life and Death (Original Mix)
[DDW040] Bablak - Luminous (Original Mix)
  • paco osuna Mindshake / Plus 8 Records
    Will try thanks ;)
  • Amine Edge & DANCE CUFF
    Downloaded for Amine Edge & DANCE
  • Jaques Le Noir Sony Music, Ministry Of Sound, Hot Creations
    Very cool ep!
  • Marco Carola Music On
    downloading for marco carola, thanks
  • Mark Knight Toolroom
    Thanks - Downloading for Jules!
  • Robert Owens Kitball
    Cool tracks
  • Nick Warren Bedrock
    Dusky and Luminous are cool !
  • No Hopes Zulu, Toolroom, Monotonik, LouLou Records
    nice music! thanks
  • ENHE
    nice ep
  • Hassan Rassmy friskyRadio / Nile FM
    Nice EP, Dusky & Luminous for me.
  • Tosel & Hale Spirit Soul Records / King Street Sounds / Sleazy Deep / StayFly Records
    Luminous and Dusky are cool!
  • Joseph Capriati Drumcode
    downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
  • Iván Micciché (Bramus) Delta FM 90,3 (Buenos Aires)
    Nice from Bablak! thanks
  • anderson noise PopArt
    Thanks for the music
  • Darin Epsilon Perspectives Digital, Sudbeat, Global Underground, microCastle, Hope, Parquet, Selador
    Dusky and Luminous sounding good!
  • SlanG Spring Tube / Baroque / Movement / NuevaDeep | DI FM
    "Luminous" for me - very good work, will support it.
  • Jesse Felluss Digital DJ Pool
  • G-Mohris Bedrock. Per-vurt, BlackHole
    great !
  • Soft 85 Capital Heaven Digital / Sleazy Deep
    soo power GOOOD :D
  • Anton Sheridan
    Great stuff, Bablak good artist! Support!
  • Duodisco
    Nice Tracks
  • AquAdro Revelation Records
    Great pack, support!!! Thanks
  • Notable Dance Notable Dance
    Great tracks
  • Blake Jarrell Concentrate
  • Th Moy
    Nice Release!!THanks!!
  • headdock Objektiv Records, Fugazy Entertainment and EJR Radio Amsterdam
    Dusky sounds very nice. Support on that track. Other tracks will get radio support.
  • Gvozdini Replug/Movement/Enhanced/
    Nice sound here, thx!)
  • fabrizio marra APERIPULP
    Super release
  • fabrizio marra APERIPULP
    Super Release
  • Fedor Osipov
  • ekdk
    Nice EP, Luminous is for our!
  • Luke Garcia Ephemeral
    Good release! Nice
  • aldrin ONE with Music, Singapore Island Culture Club
    Diggin' Luminous. Thanks!
  • Soul Button STEYOYOKE
    Nice thanks for the music
  • Pauke Schaumburg Mukke / Ein2 / Pour La Vie / Soulful Techno / Einmusika / Rennbahn Records / Jeahmon!
  • Pablo Prado DI.FM / PLU Records / 7PRODUCCIONES
    Thanks for your promo!
    I will try your songs in my live sets and radioshows!
    Add me on www.twitter.com/PabloPradoDJ for support!
  • mentalx
    strong EP. Thanks
  • Kaan Koray Frisky Radio, Balkan Connection, Soundteller
    LUMINOUS very good, thanks.
  • tim benjamin protonradio - Sound Avenue
    Luminous for me, thanks
  • albertoblanco_dj
    Very good stuff, thanks !!!
  • Matt Darey Nocturnal Global
    Very Nice Tracks! Luminous and Time of Glory have a really nice sound.
  • Daniel Green (Troglodyte Disco) Select Radio
    Luminous has elements of In White Rooms. Will try support on Select Radio
  • herbie james
    Wicked big room pads for the 4/4 floors. Testing LOUD>
  • Leigh Stone ClubUK.org, 54 House.FM, Kickradio.co.uk, Progressive heaven.
    Very Very Nice! Dusky and Luminous stand out....Supported @ 54House.fm and ClubUK.
  • Paul Kenny Underbelly rec / Dear Deer rec
  • Leon El Ray Disco Cat/Electric Friends Music
    yes! Love the Tension of the tracks
  • House.EDM the edm network
    Awesome tracks!!
  • mark arbor
    loving this one.
  • chris ojeda
    Luminous is def my fav! Good EP!
  • Kay-D
    Very nice EP, thanks!
  • Mauro B / Flutters
  • Christian Orlo Dialtone Records
    Dusky & Luminous are solid ! Thanks
  • Tenishia Armada Music
    Downloading for Tenishia. Thanks
  • Soney Progressive House Brasil
    Great EP! Dusky and Luminous are the best!
  • MaLesKi Tone Mind Records
    Great EP, Life and Death best mix for me
  • Alinep Asia Music/Deepsomnia/Time in Manila and many more
    will test dusky out :)
  • Ewan Rill Sever
    Luminous for me, thanks!
    Cool EP! Luminous is for me. Thanks!
  • kennb Liquid Rhythms Radio, ASSK Radio
    Love the chill-ness in each track. But yet, can easily rock peak time floors. Thanks!
  • Rafael Osmo Progline Episode
    good pack !
  • Jose Tabarez
    Luminous is really nice! Thanks
  • Anthony G
    "Luminous" is nice,thanks!
  • Musson Druma Music
    Good stuff!
  • music Electrik Playground
    Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered to Don Diablo, EDX, Chicane, PvD, Kryder and more. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton. suzanne@thisisdistorted.com
  • REPLICANTH SUDAM/ New Violence/ Asymmetric/ We Are Here/ Hábitat
    Cool stuff, wiil play, thanks for the music!
  • Valer den Bit Poesie Musik / Chilli Mint / Timeless Moment / Alola / Particles
    Luminous, Thanks!
  • doctrashz
  • madmotormiquel ursl-records
    first track is nice
  • Matan Caspi Definitive Recordings, Deeperfect, Sprout, Outta Limits
    good pack here. Dusky for me.
  • nekliff Dear Deer Rec. Click Rec
    Good EP
  • darko de jan Toolroom, Dear Deer, 303Lovers, Stealth
    Good ones. Thanx
  • Fernando Ferreyra Dreamers Records
  • Abraham A. Hot Cue, PHW, Lincor,BC2
    Excellent Ep, Dusky fav. Thanks
  • Mashk Parquet Recordings
    Great e.p
    Good. Thanks!
  • Roberto Palmero Pura Music / Relief / Noir Music /Material
    Nice Music Guys!
  • Coers (Armada) (dl AvB) Armada Music
    Cool ones
  • Vlad Jet Monza Ibiza / Lost on You / Be Free / Capital Heaven / Dear Deer / Making You Dance
    Life and death for me, good work!
  • Christopher Ivor Chapter 24 Records, Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Re:Sound Music
    I like the overall orchestral feel to the EP - Luminous is my fav. - strong work!!
  • Tony [The edm network] the edm network
    Cool tracks!!
  • Neftali Blasko frisky Radio
    Dusky is massive!! I'll try it ouf for sure, thanks :)
  • Boss Axis Parquet Recordings
    Great tracks, "Luminous" for us.
  • Leandro Dutra aka Lea D
    Great ep! thanks!
  • Lucas Rossi Black Hole / The Soundgarden / Frisky
    Luminous sounds cool ! thanks.
  • Stephan Grondin
    full support on Dusky
  • Allya
    Great Progressive EP with Bablak's "Dusky" being the standout track. Very well done.
  • Rafa Ristallo Lapsus Music, Natura Viva, Tulipa
    Thanks for the music.
  • marek.filipski
    Really great, thank you very much!
  • Ryan freshnewtracks.com
    nice ones!
  • faces music
    Dusky for us, thanks!
  • Suffused Dj/Producer, radio show host on friskyRadio, label group owner
    good stuff, thanks
  • B-Max Incepto Music Group
    LIFE AND DEATH my fav!Thnx)
  • mark mac The Sounds Collective / IT RUNS DEEP / Swoon
    Thanks always great stuff
  • ivan masa EIN2 / SUARA / OVERDIVE MUSIK
    very cool release , support
    Downloading for Permack
  • FORM Music popof
    downloading for Popof thanks
    NICE EP! Luminous is my favourite!
  • Padai Traum | Sudbeat | littlemoon
    Thank you!
  • Ellie Ka Sudbeat
    Great Ep, Thanks
  • FUTURPOETS Audio Rehab / CUFF / House Of Hustle / Sleazy G
    Nice, will try!
  • d-phrag Bedrock, Balkan Connection, Mistique, BC2, Mirabilis
    Dusky is awesome!!!
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